What is a CELEBRANT?

'Thank you for out chat this afternoon, it was really reassuring and helpful 

A family member - one of many lovely thank you notes

A celebrant is an 'officiant' or perhaps in some cases 'master of ceremony' or 'facilitator'. A celebrant is not a minister and not a humanist - but in some ways carries out the same function.

The difference?

A celebrant will willingly embrace all or no faiths. A celebrant is only concerned with helping deliver a life event that suits the individuals involved - and that applies to all life events. 

What do I do?

I help with structure, timings, writing and then delivery on the day.At the very heart of what a celebrant does is well- celebration! When planning an event such as a wedding, anniversary, baby naming, renewal of vows then celebration is an obvious ingredient. However a celebrant could help prepare and deliver an end of life event or funeral too. Does celebrate seem an odd word to use when planning a funeral? In a way it does. However when you think about the idea of celebrating life lived - well then it doesn't seem so odd. 

A professional celebrant places a lot of emphasis on listening to couples, family, friends.. always recognising that each and every one of us is unique. A celebrant will not bring their own belief system into things - it isn't relevant.  

Member of Fellowship of Professional Celebrants

I connect people. I help find and create memories. We are all individuals - and that's worth celebrating

Trisha Lewis (Formerly Patricia Webster)

What's in a name?

When I first started working as a celebrant I was known as Patricia Webster - rest assured Trisha Lewis is one and the same person! I have simplified things by using the same name used for my other work as a speaker (details here). 

'Thank you for what we see as an amazing gift'  - extract from a recent thank you email

At the core of what I offer as a celebrant is making connections - connecting people together in celebration of love and life - of being part of peoples' lives - past and present. I listen, I write woven together stories, I bring an event together and I deliver.

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