Funeral and Memorial services

CLICK HERE for a sample of structure of service - just to guide some of your thoughts. There are no rules with a celebrant service however - it should feel right for you. 

'I have just read the words and must admit I had a few tears in my eyes although some were from having a chuckle. You have captured my Father in every word'

(extract from a recent thank you email received - as always it was a pleasure to help - laughter and tears are close partners)

Fellowship of Professional Celebrants

I treat each funeral as something unique - creating an environment that welcomes tears, smiles, laughter and quiet reflection. All or no faiths embraced - no rules - every person is unique.

I am a fully trained member of The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants - find out more here

If you would like me to help prepare and deliver a funeral then either contact me directly or through your chosen funeral directors. I come and see you at your home or a suitable location - or sometimes by phone/Skype/email. I place a lot of emphasis on the family contact prior to the day. It is all about listening to your wishes so that the right words and content are prepared. I will offer suggestions, help you understand the structure of a service - but there are NO rules! I can help you with music choices, poems etc. and I will either write the words to celebrate the life (often called THE EULOGY)- or I will advice you on timings if you wish to make your own tributes. I prepare a draft copy of the Eulogy in time to make amendments. I meet you at the chapel or crematorium or burial ground at least 15 minutes in advance of the service.

'Thank you for your wonderful words for my Mum' 

(recent thank you card received - and it was a pleasure to write and deliver this celebration of this lovely woman's life)